iWeb-Test is a part of www.iMediaNamibia.com alongside our web designs we specialise in photography (www.iMediaPhotography.com) video productions and drone photography, we also have a photo studio at our office in Swakopmund, Namibia.

This site is where we develop various web designs and test software before publishing to a clients web site.
If clients have any specific needs this is where they are developed, a client will send us an idea or even a link to a website they have seen and we will try to recreate their request.

All websites are custom designed to clients requirements, so have a scroll through the site for some ideas.

Prices starting from N$3000.00 including 12 months hosting, .com URL (www) and design.
For information we require to design your website
please look here.

Please look at some of our sites, just click FLIP button
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